3 Surprising Benefits of Rain Barrels

rain-barrel-300x300One of the best and economical way to save rainwater is through rain barrels. They are large containers that capture the drained water from the roofs and utilize it for garden irrigation or some other purpose. These barrels are somehow responsible for reducing the harmful run-off into a yard or stream.

Rain barrels or containers usually have a capacity of 50 to 80 gallons and consist of a spigot for filling cans and a soaking hose connection. They are responsible for water conservation that promotes natural resources and benefit your home, garden, community and environment. Rain barrels are widely available with all gutter installation professionals in Toronto.

When purchasing a rain barrel for residential use, opt for a strong material that is manufactured to last for years. Do install a filter or screen to prevent debris from falling inside. Do make sure that you keep it covered to save it from mosquito breeding. Though this water is good for garden plants, it is not at all suitable for human consumption.

Some benefits offered by these water collectors are:

1. Money Saver: Want to save money on your water bills? Rain barrels are the ideal choice. Almost 40% of residential water usage accounts for yard watering. By collecting and utilizing the natural water, one can not only save water deposits but can also reduce the water bills. For effective water storage and minimum wastage, one can connect multiple barrels that are meant to maximize the extent of rain capture.

2. Healthy Plants and Soil: Most possibly, tap water sources contain inorganic ions and fluoride compounds that often gets accumulated in the soil and harm the plant roots and kill the nutritive soil micro-organisms. Some of the home-owners are not aware of the damages offered by tap water and therefore, prefer using it. In contrast, rain is the natural source of water and doesn’t contain any harmful additives. It is highly beneficial for growth of healthy root, grass and plant development.

3. Reduction of Run-off: Rain barrel installation in Toronto helps in reducing the unwanted flow of storm run-off. Whenever it rains, water strikes the ground surface and starts running off. This run off tends to pick up the top soil, fertilizers, pesticides and other plant nutrients and flows directly into the streams, ponds, lakes and other nearby water bodies. As a result, algae starts growing in the water sources that may turn out to be dangerous for carrying out recreational activities. To avoid this contamination problem, rain barrels play an effective role. They capture the pouring water that would have swept over a yard or pavement, thereby minimizing the amount of run-off pollutants.

Rain barrels are an obvious source of conserving natural water that often gets wasted or drained in ponds and drains. These were the few unbeatable benefits offered by barrels. Gutter Depot is a reputed eavestrough installation company in Toronto that offers top-notch solutions for gutter repair, soffit replacement, rain barrel and leaf-guard installation services at reasonable prices.

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