Four Ways Clogged Gutter Can Damage Your House – Gutter Depot

clogged_gutters1-300x225May be you does not pay an attention to repairing or maintaining your Eavestrough or gutters. To keep your gutter clean and debris free, regular cleaning and maintenance is most important. May be you don’t know, but a clogged gutter can pose a serious problem and it also can damage your house.A clogged gutter can very easily turned your house into reconstruction project. To prevent this problem and save you thousands of dollars, you need to pay attention to your gutter cleaning project. It is very important that you understand the problem and according to your problem find the solution of it.

Everyone knows that cleaning the gutter is a very menial job, but to extend the life of your dream house, you have to do this. If you fail to do this, you might see various problems. Gutter and Eavestrough cleaning contractors in Toronto discuss some clogged gutter problems in this article. Below are these problems.

broken-shingle1. Roof damage: Clogged gutter is the main cause of roof problems. If water stands in your gutters for a long time, the edge of the roof can be damaged by the direct contact with water. Due to this, your roof can become weak and you need to spend many dollars to replace it with a new one. If Eavestrough or gutter does not drain properly and get the water backups in the gutter, it will lead to major roof leakage problem.

2. Damage to windows, walls, patio and walls: The wall crack problem can be caused by clogged gutter or water problem. If your foundation is wet and after that it freezes, this one is the main reason of foundation cracks. Your patio, windows and walls will start to weaken and rot due to your clogged gutter problem.

gutter-pic3. Slip and fall problem: Sometimes, clogged gutters fall the water in unexpected areas and it is the cause of a slip and fall problem. The water can be fall on the walkway, driveway or your entry area. To keep the entry area and walk away safe, you have to clean your gutter or Eavestrough on a regular basis, especially in winter and rainy seasons.

4. Foundation and landscaping damage: There is a possibility of foundation damage if the water around your house. Once the foundation gets in touch with water, it leads to problem of crack, leak and shift. Clogged gutter can damage your expensive landscaping in very less time.

These are a few common problems of clogged gutters. So, are you ready to clean your clogged gutter? You can ask questions to our expert professionals. You will get all gutter cleaning solution under one roof.

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