Four Common Eavestrough Problems and Repair Solutions

Why do you need an eavestrough at your home? Do you know the importance of eavestrough? It is used to divert rain water away from your roof in rainy season.

In short, the main purpose of rain gutter or eavestrough is to protect your building from unwanted water that collects on your roof by rain. Sometime there are some problems occur in rain gutter. If you don’t pay attention on eavestrough problems, it can lead foundation cracking, soil erosion and basement flooding. Gutter cleaning service in Toronto help to understand what kind of problem occur in your rain gutter.

cloggedeavestroughs1. Clogged with debris: Leaves and other kind of debris are the main cause of gutter clog. Consequences of clogged gutter are mosquitos, rood damage, siding damage and foundation damage. May be you have to pay thousands of dollar for the repair of clogged eavestrough. If you have trees near by your roof, clean your fascia and eavestrough at least twice a year. If you think, you can’t do this and you are not comfortable on a ladder, you can hire a professional.

gutter-repair-lexington-ky22. Leaks and holes: Leaking is the main problem of gutters. If you notice leakage problem, it may be possible repair it with gutter sealant. Before apply the gutter sealant, check the weather. If there is hot outside, you can apply a small amount of sealant inside the gutter. After applying it, leave it for twenty four hours. If the leakage hole is large, you can buy a patch kit from any hardware store nearby you. It comes with a screen that fills in the holes.


3. Loose and damaged gutter: This problem occur when elbows in the section become clogged with debris and leaves. Rain gutters that loose and damaged can present any serious and major problem to your home’s foundation. To prevent any major problem, take the sections apart and remove all debris from them.

4. Improper pitching: Wrong installation or improper pitching is the main problem of eavestrough. When you are on fascia, check rain gutter, make sure they are installed downward to remove water from your roof. After every rain storm check your eavestrough to make sure your rain gutter functioning properly. If you suspect standing water in it, it is not installed properly.

Now you have it. These are the some common problems of eavestrough and you may be see these problems in your house. A proper eavestrough or rain gutter maintenance require regular visual inspection and cleaning at least twice a year. To ensure that you have any eavestrough problem or not, make a call to Gutter Depot Inc. in Mississauga.